For most, Halloween is long gone, but if you have read my Charmed post you know that for me Halloween is here to stay. With that being said, I wanted to welcome December with something fun and “Super.”


I was at the Crossroads in Santa Monica when I stumbled across this multi purpose cape. The thick cashmere wool blend of the cape makes it a super warm outer layer while the cut allows it to double as a travel blanket. Most importantly though, wearing it makes me feel like a certain amazon.


The deep plum of the pants breaks up the neutral tones, adding a bit of color contrast in a subtle way. But, they are just bold enough to keep up with the boots and the cape.


The geometric lines of the cape give the look a sense of order, like it's only natural that I'm the one in charge. This allows me to be a little bossier than normal.


My favorite detail of the cape is the huge 5 inch vintage gunmetal safety pin because my grandmother used to use them when she was sewing.


The modern lines of my gunmetal rings give the vintage inspired pin a home in the 21st century. 


With my pants and nails complimenting each other, the safety pin and my rings playing with each other, and my boots and my top balancing each other out, I knew that my clutch had tie into the cape and my bracelet. The tan color obviously works with the tan in the cape and the gold foil under the cutouts ties in with my bracelet. An added bonus is that the cutouts actually pair well with the embroidery of my top too.


These boots were purchased for a Halloween costume 8 years ago, but they are a perfect way to stay warm, sexy, and comfortable. Honestly, I could walk in them all day; they're beyond comfortable. So of course I wear them as much as I can in the winter months. Plus, can you imagine her in flats?