Water Rush

Although I've talked about putting together a Canadian Tuxedo in two previous looks (Twin Linen and Little Arizona), this look is actually inspired by the TV show Westword. Mostly because after finishing season two, I could really see myself in season three. Looking. Just. Like. This.

Water Rush_1.jpg

After watching Westworld the idea of shooting a denim-on-denim look just didn't feel inspired enough. My solution? More denim. But not quite so much as to bring in the turn of the century. Well, actually more, but better. Sorry, Justin.

Water Rush_3.jpg

The thing is, traditional denim is actually an incredibly water-intensive product. It's not just the estimated 1800 gallons it takes to water the cotton, but it's also the synthetic indigo dying process and finishing "stone" washes as well.

Water Rush_4.jpg
Water Rush_7.jpg

This got me thinking about how as the global climate changes, and our limited supply of fresh water that makes up just 3% of the planet's water could become the Gold Rush of our generation. Not from a doomsday or Madmax perspective, but from the romanticism of a billionaire's playground making the most of the Neo West.

Water Rush_6.jpg

My top is actually made from recycled denim, saving almost all the water involved in making a virgin denim garment, and the Ref pants I'm wearing are made using 90% less water. To top it off, the jacket was thrifted, so (insert humble brag here.)

Water Rush_5.jpg
Water Rush_8.jpg

Ultimately, I think it's fun to play with the idea that a water protector or water seeker would wear what could commonly be perceived as a week-long shower. I have yet to make my way to Canada, but I hear they have a lot of freshwater lakes that would make a perfect home for this character. Provided, she found a hatchet along the way.

Water Rush_2.jpg

Earrings: LeftBank
Bralette: Hand Me Down
Top: Reformation
Jacket: Crossroads Trading
Jeans: Reformation
Shoes: Susi Studio